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The Aidan of Oren Journey Game

(A Classroom Adventure)


Aidan is on a quest and needs your help. He needs to travel across the stones...and across a tricky complete his journey. There are no shortcuts, he must travel one stepping stone at a time (THE PENCIL WILL SHOW YOU YOUR NEXT STONE). You can help him by clicking on his next stone and solving the puzzle that will present itself. When you correctly enter the solution (IN CAPITAL LETTERS), you will be taken to the map revealing his progress, where you will click on the next stone. You must be swift and you must be clever.

The Clue





If you need a clue, there is a 'clue button' with every question. But, beware, the harvesting of clues is cool and kind of fun, but it will take valuable time. Sometimes, your request for a clue might be denied. The author has a twisted sense of humor. Advice, dear students: Only click the 'clue button' if you truly need assistance.


One more thing: The 'back' arrow does not work well with this web based game. You may have to click it a few times to get it to go back, but then it might take you back a few pages. It might seem frustrating, and it wasn't by design, but that's part of the fun. Be sure of your answers.


What you will need:

*A timer. Set it for 45 minutes if playing as a class.

*The Aidan of Oren book, hopefully you've read it (c:

*A printer might be helpful, too.

*Willingness to work together. You are a team.

What is it Aidan is searching for?

You'll find out...if you can finish...THE JOURNEY.

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