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Writing Olympics is a dynamic and affordable Author-in-Residence program (3-5 days depending on the size of the school) where Alan St. Jean works personally with each classroom to develop a story and create drawings using structured writing and illustrative techniques. It is a WHOLE school event as ALL grade levels can participate.


In this exciting exercise, the Author plays the role of the EDITOR as the students become AUTHORS for their stories. In an intimate classroom setting, the students are guided through the creation process as they are invited to suggest ideas for conflict, plot, character development, etc.  Mr. St. Jean (as any good editor would do) challenges them to think harder and pushes them to their very best ideas. Using this 'idea generation' approach, the most amazing stories are born!


On the final day, the highly anticipated Writing Olympics finale is presented before the students, teachers and special judges which have been secretly selected. It is a tremendous experience for the students and teachers alike as they realize what can be accomplished when one thinks a little bit harder and gives a little more effort.


As an Author-in-Residence, Writing Olympics is very affordable. Just $500 per day, flat rate, the Author covers his own expenses.

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