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Not many people know this, but music was Mr. St. Jean's first love. He's been writing music since he was eleven years old. But, as he likes to say, 'the books pay the bills', so that's where the majority of his efforts are focused. That being said, he uses music whenever possible in his assemblies to teach as well as to entertain the students.


Some of his music has been organized and compiled in an 'album' format below. Although any of the songs can be downloaded for purchase, you may listen to any of them for free. Just hit play.





The following music was recorded and mastered by Jay Robison at Power Play Studios in Columbus, Ohio. Jay and his brother, Justin are the musical prodigies that help bring Alan's music to life. He likes to think they are a 'band' - but the term 'studio junkies' would best describe them. They are talented, professional and are like brothers to Mr. St. Jean.


Note: All of the music on 'The Tree' CD can be downloaded for free.

It was Alan St. Jean's very first project based on songs he used to play as a youth growing up in church. God's gift to him, his gift to you.

Not many people know this about the author,

but music was his first love...

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