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Dear Diary

Who is in the Hidden Message?


Dear Diary,

I have been traveling for two days now with Lilly and McKenzie by my side. You wouldn’t believe all we encountered! At times I find it hard to believe myself, so I figured I’d write it down so I never forget!

As we started our journey, Grandmama bid us farewell and gifted me a quilt that my mother had made for me before I was born. It’s beautiful and I hope someday I get to meet her and tell her just how much I love it!

Reaching the foothills of Zorn Mountain was our first task and I knew it would take the better part of the first day to reach it, but I didn’t know we’d end up encountering nasty trolls!

Thankfully, McKenzie knew that I needed to use the Wish Poem and we managed to defeat them and continue our journey.

We then reached the Tears of Zorn where we were encountered by yet another obstacle, Kartha! Thankfully, our new fish friend, Bernard, was able to warn us just in time! Yes, a fish really helped save our lives!

We were able to then rest for awhile at the edge of the Dead Forest, where I was able to meet The Great Sitting Rock, who offered wisdom that I wouldn’t’ understand until later.

Then came Damon! What a great addition to our tribe! He has proven to be a great protector, as he torched and devoured our next HUGE, 8-legged obstacle…YUCK!

We didn’t know it then, but that spider belonged to Gorgon, who we encountered again, but I had a plan in place, thanks to the mysterious advice from Grandmama whispering in the wind.

Who would have thought that once nasty fellow would help us find the elves, but that’s exactly what he did!

Now, as I sit amongst tiny houses awaiting a great celebration, I can hardly wait to learn the ways and fulfill the prophecy that is my destiny…


-Aidan of Oren

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