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How Does a School Prepare for a Visit?

Just introduce the Author's books to the classrooms. It's easy...and it's free! When the students know something of the Author's work prior to his arrival, it raises anticipation and makes the Visit very exciting! Here's how it works:

     Once a date is secured for an Author Visit, complimentary books will be sent

     to the school:

     *A set of picture books for the K-2 classrooms to share

     *A copy of Aidan of Oren: The Journey Begins for EACH classroom grades 3 and up.

     (Note: Just introducing the first 5-10 chapters of Aidan of Oren is sufficient.

     Of course, classrooms may read ahead. Many schools finish the book before  

     the Author arrives for the Visit, which is great fun and leads to a lot of questions!)

That's it. You're prepared (c:

How is a Typical Day Structured?

One-Day Author Visits usually fall into one of two categories:


     *Grade Level Assemblies

          Kindergarten, about 40-45 minutes

          1st Grade, about 40-45 minutes

          2nd Grade, about 40-45 minutes

          3rd Grade, about 50-55 minutes

          4th Grade, about 50-55 minutes

          5th Grade, about 50-55 minutes


     *Large Group Assemblies

          Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grades together, about 45 minutes

          3rd Grade and above together, about 55 minutes

          (This format allows time for up to three Writing Workshops, if desired.

          Writing Workshops are for grades 3 and above and can accommodate 

          up to two classrooms at a time. Plan on about 45-60 minutes each.)

Two-Day Author Visits typically follow this format:

     *Day 1, Grade Level Assemblies

     *Day 2, Writing Workshops (for grades 3 and above)

With each school being unique, the Author can adjust to fit your schedule.


Does the Author Present to Large Groups?

Yes. With each school schedule being so unique, the author is comfortable presenting to any group size ranging from single classroom to full school assemblies.

Can the Students (and Teachers) Purchase Books?

Yes. And it's Easy. Once the date for the Author Visit is secured, an Author Visit Kit will be sent to the school. In the kit you will find posters to help promote the Visit, the invoice for the school and book order forms in both full sheet and half sheet format. Send the order forms home with the students about a week prior to the Visit. The Author brings plenty of books with him when he travels to schools and is happy to sign and fill any book orders the students might have. No pre-ordering is necessary.

What Equipment Will We Need?

Just a projector and a screen or wall to project onto and maybe an occasional bottle of water. Mr. St. Jean brings his own equipment including laptop, microphone and sound system.

Will the Author do Evening Programs?

Yes, and they are free as long as they are scheduled the day of the Author Visit. It is a heartwarming and humorous evening where the Author discusses his most unique path to writing. Fun for the whole family. Plan on one hour, typically 6:30 - 7:30 in the evening.

Does Alan St. Jean do virtual visits?

Yes, starting in 2016/2017 the Author began offering visits remotely. The world is changing, and virtual Author Visits fit in very well with the assembly strategy of a growing number of schools. The fee is simple, $200 for an approved date and up to two hours of combined visiting time.

To prepare for a remote visit (typically Zoom), it is recommended that a school purchase a few copies of the Author's books for introduction to their students. Author Visits are greatly enhanced by the students having first hand knowledge of the Author's work. It is a catalyst for better questions and it helps the Author connect on a much more personal basis with the children.

There is no standard format for a remote visit. Each is as unique as the school hosting the event. Some schools like to ask lots of questions, while others prefer more dialogue and history of Mr. St. Jean's life and experience.

Can Two Schools Share an Author Visit?

Yes, and there is no extra cost as long as the two schools are close in proximity. Each school could plan on two large group assemblies (K-2 and 3-5).

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