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The standard honorarium for an Author Visit is $950

for a full day of Presentations and Writing Workshops.

All fees are flat rate, author covers his own expenses.


Two consecutive days: $750 per day

Three consecutive days: $600 per day

Four or more consecutive days: $500 per day

Writing Olympics: runs 3-5 days depending

on the size of the school, $500 per day


Please Note:

*Two schools may share a day without penalty

*Author-in-Residence program available: See Writing Olympics

*Evening programs are free

*Airfare required for west coast locations only

*No other fees or expenses


Get the best rate! $500, no expenses!

If you schedule while Mr. St. Jean is already in your area,

you are automatically given the best rate of $500 per day.


New! Starter books included in visit package!

When you schedule a Visit, your school will receive a complimentary set of picture books for the K-2 classrooms

AND an Aidan of Oren novel for each of your classrooms

grade 3 and above!


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