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As a story teller, song writer and musician, Mr. St. Jean offers a unique insight into the world of writing. His love for children and teaching is evidenced by his fun, humorous assemblies while his books and music give us a glimpse into his huge heart. Feel free to explore the sight. You'll find information about Mr. St. Jean's Author Visits and you'll discover books brought to life with music and video. Enjoy!

The Game is On!

How well do you know the Aidan of Oren story?

Push the big red button and play the game...

It's a classroom adventure!

"Although not every child will grow up to be a writer, they need to learn that writing is essential to their future. My goal is to make a positive imprint on each student that will leave them with a greater appreciation for writing and an increased passion for life."

~Alan St. Jean~



"Mr. St. Jean's author visit was unlike any visit we've ever had. His presentations were interesting and so, so funny...yet educational at the same time. Our kids were completely spellbound from beginning to end. I enthusiastically endorse Mr. St. Jean and his wonderful Aidan of Oren books!"


Maureen Dugan, LMS

     St. Joseph Elementary School

"What a tremendous visit! We've never laughed so hard and we've never learned so much!"


Sherri Morehouse

Reading Specialist

Benjamin Logan ES

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